David Hammer

204 Paige Hall, Tufts University, Medford MA 02155 david.hammer@tufts.edu; 617-627-2396.

I’m a professor at Tufts, in the departments of Education and Physics & Astronomy and the director of the Institute for Research on Learning and Instruction.

My research is on learning and teaching in STEM fields (mostly physics) across ages from young children through adults. Much of my focus has been on intuitive "epistemologies," how instructors interpret and respond to student thinking, and resource-based models of knowledge and reasoning.

This is a list of my publications, with links to some files. If you’re interested and not sure where to start, one good place might be Case Studies of Children’s Inquiries, and another might be Student Resources for Learning Introductory Physics.

News: We are searching for a post-doc in engineering education research, to work with the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) and the Institute for Research on Learning and Instruction (IRLI). And our searches continue for two assistant professors, one in Chemistry Education and one in Engineering Education, both to be affiliated with IRLI.

Current projects: My main new project is to get IRLI going. I'm also part of The Listening Project, which is starting its third year, focused on science faculty recognizing and understanding students' thinking and experiences in our classes. Students Doing Science has just ended, formally, but we're still working on papers from it, and the site will stay up for a while.

Some recent papers:

Hammer, D. & Manz, E. (2019). Odd ideas about learning science: A response to Osborne. Science Education. Link to article.

Radoff, J., Jaber, L.Z, & Hammer, D. (2019). “It’s Scary but It’s Also Exciting”: Evidence of Meta-Affective Learning in Science. Cognition and Instruction. Link to article.

Phillips, A.M., Watkins, J., & Hammer, D. (2018). Beyond “Asking questions:” Problematizing as a disciplinary activity.Journal of Research in Science Teaching. Link to article.

Hammer, D., Gouvea, J.S., & Watkins, J. (2018). Idiosyncratic cases and hopes for general validity: What education research might learn from ecology / Casos idiosincrásicos y expectativas de validez general: lo que la investigación en educación puede aprender de la ecología. Infancia y Aprendizaje. Link to article